Brands Set A Bounty

We work with brands to create a monetary bounty that will incentivize the meme community to create memes that are relevant and meet guidelines that we create with the brand.

Meme Creators Create Memes

Incentivized by the bounty set out by the brand, meme creators will create memes during an explicit time window. Meme creators will have to follow specific guidelines in order to be considered for the Meme Bounty.

Creators Get Paid

It is impossible to know if a meme will perform well before it is posted, so at Meme Bounty we only consider memes that have already been posted and shared to social networks. This way when awarding a the Meme Bounty to creators, we are able to take into consideration how well the meme performed, with the meme bounty most often going to the meme creator who created the most popular meme.

More Memes Get Created

In the successful cases, a Meme Bounty will act as a catalyst for the entire meme community to begin creating and sharing memes that involve the brand. Meaning that well after the Meme Bounty has concluded, memes about the brand will continue to be made.


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